Last Day

Another day, the same trial Step out of time for a while Ill be fine, stop the fight! stop the yelling, stop the cries stop the silence, stop the pain stop the hurting, hit that vein stop the blood, stop the rain Locked in a room full of pain Curl up in a ball, listen... Continue Reading →

It always ends in tears

He's doing something bad that maybe he doesn't understand because of his mental state. I should have warned him more. He already has a record of hating me more than the others so I didn't get into it. When he left me there, I panicked. My social anxiety acted up more than ever. I didn't... Continue Reading →

Just another day

One more day has gone by with no relief from my feelings. Nobody understands me. Everyone is so happy but I just want to be alone and cry in a corner. I wish there was a way out. I wish I could stop the pain. I wish I could stop feeling so sad and lonely.... Continue Reading →

I’m Lost

You probably don't know a whole lot about me. That's okay because I don't know much about me either. Most people agree that I'm quiet and shy. I guess I am. I don't like to brag about myself. But not bragging just lowers my self esteem. It doesn't feel like there's a balance point between... Continue Reading →

I dont delong here

The table is full but I feel so empty. Everything is happening all at once but I am trapped in time. They keep talking. Jokes are made and i fake a laugh. I look up and wonder why im here. Then i look around and i feel lonely. I know one thing for sure now.... Continue Reading →


I cant let go I cant move on They say I'm still here But inside I'm gone   I'm sick of crying There must be something more But all they see Is a stupid whore   I cant live like this But Its hard to die So I just lay in bed And cry

To My Followers

I'm sorry I haven't been posting much. School just started and I'm really stressed and stuff. My depression has gotten more severeĀ  since I last posted. I recently got 12 pages full of psychological testing results from my testing that I had this summer. I'm probably gonna post a little something about that. Issues with... Continue Reading →


The metal feels good against me That sharp tingling feeling As I drag that blade across my skin A blood red line Just to know what pain feels like And then the numbness spreads I miss that feeling The scars spread like cancer They show the incurable disease of depression I know all of this... Continue Reading →

I Don’t Love You

You broke my heart. You betrayed me for her to realize that shes not ready for you. Now your coming back to me. The flirting starts slowly. I cant do this. Your flirting again and I'm so fucking weak. I should hate you right now but I don't. I cant let him in again. Not... Continue Reading →

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