I Don’t Love You

You broke my heart. You betrayed me for her to realize that shes not ready for you. Now your coming back to me. The flirting starts slowly. I cant do this. Your flirting again and I’m so fucking weak. I should hate you right now but I don’t. I cant let him in again. Not without a fight. Stair at his picture “I don’t love you, I don’t love you. I don’t love you” Help me fear. He wont stay. “I don’t love you.” He broke me. I don’t need him. I wont do this relationship drama anymore. Because I don’t love you. Maybe I can loose feelings before I see him everyday at school. Be strong, be strong. Don’t let him have you. Look at his pretty face and say “I don’t love you”

Check out the song I Dont Love You by MCR. Its amazing.

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