Just a warning before you read this I’m super triggered because I have no idea whats going on in my head.


FRICK!!! My fucxing mind wont stop. People think its for attention. People say its not. But what if it is. What if it is all my fault that i still feel sad. Everything bad in my life is in the past. Its over done i threw it out and did my best to forget. There is nothing that is holding me back. But why cant i move. Maybe it is for attention. Maybe if i just had the strength to try harder. I dont know why i like to hurt myself. I dont know why i hate mysself so much. But the fact that i dont know why makes me hate myself more. Maybe its all my fault. Maybe if it werent for me things would be different. There are no deamons inside of me. It is just me. This is just who i am. Maybe i am just an attention seeking whore. Maybe i should stop crying for help. Maybe im fine. Im just being greedy. Maybe i should kill myself then. So other people can have the attention that they thought i was taking from them. But maybe i was taking it from them. I should just go back into my quiet little hole and cut myself. I should slit my wrists or take some pills. Maybe then ill feel better. If theres one thing ive learned recently its that other people cant help me with what im going through. Reaching out for help is pointless. Because the deamons arent only inside you. They are you. So maybe i shouldnt be around people. Maybe ill infect them. I make everyone around me depressed. I should go off alone. The world is better off without me.

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