Dead Girl Story

She fell asleep and woke up feeling nothing. She didn’t remember anything. She walks into a room. It was dark and cold. The only noise was the quiet ticking of a watch. She steps in and switches the light on. She couldn’t touch the switch but it turned on. It was her room. Memories flash through her mind but she feels nothing. No joy. No pain. Nothing. She starts cleaning. She doesn’t know why. She only kept things that brought her joy. But she felt nothing. So she stripped the room of everything top to bottom. When the room was almost empty, she paused for a second holding a photo. She stared at herself and realized why she was cleaning. Why she couldn’t feel anything. Why she was so cold. She was dead. She felt nothing as the reality set in. She remembered the coffin. It was oddly comfortable but hot. After that all she remembered was darkness. This was her life that she was looking at. She felt nothing because her life was meaningless. She finished cleaning out what didn’t bring her joy. She threw it into the darkness outside of her room. As she turned back, she realized that there was nothing left. She spun around but it was too late. The door was closed and locked. There was no way out. She will spend an eternity here with nothing.

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