Breakup Rant

Ok so this is an overview on how me and my boyfriend broke up. The last time he said I love you was on my birthday. The next time he had wifi and was able to talk to me, I knew something was wrong. Plus I had a bad dream the night before about what would happen if he left me. So I made him confess what was wrong and he said this other girl that we were both friends with liked him. Me and him basically had the same group of friends and we had both just transferred to that school in February. So I was a little scared and asked if he liked her. He said that he had always had feelings for her. He said he didn’t know what to do. He said he liked both of us. So I decided to test how strong our relationship was by saying maybe you are better off with her. I just started to put myself down to see how much he was willing to be with me. Instead of fighting for our relationship, he left saying that if it doesn’t work out with her then he would come back to me. I then realized that he didn’t value our relationship anyways and he was just trying to be nice by saying he liked both of us. I said I’m not waiting on someone who is still searching for something better than me. Instead of denying that, he just said bye and hasn’t talked to me since. So now when school starts back up, since last year we both had the same friends, I’m probably gonna be the one excluded from the friend group because I’m pretty sure the only reason they ever accepted me was because I was his girlfriend. So now I’m back where I started with no real friends cause I’m trapped in the awkwardness of relationships. I’m also 0 days clean. Thank God for My Chemical Romance because without them I would be dead. I’m blasting their music so loud right now and I don’t care about any haters.

Thanks for everyone who read this and I hope you are doing well.

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