We are all lonely

Hello loneliness. I haven’t felt you this deeply in a while. I thought you were fading into a memory as I got closer to others. But now they left and you came back. I am now disconnected from the world. I’m falling back into your grasp. I’m stuck here again, afraid to get close. This always happens. I find people, and then I loose them. I’m sick and tired of temporary friendships. But you, loneliness, have always been there. Its time to embrace you as my only true friend. Its time to accept you. The world is so cruel. Maybe we are all alone. Maybe nothing we feel during friendships and relationships is real. We all striveĀ  to have companionship but we are never satisfied. Maybe were not meant to be satisfied. We are all just meant to be alone.


This probably makes no since. I feel like in this I just turned what I was feeling into what the world should be feeling as well. Or maybe I’m just crazy. Maybe I’m just depressed.

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