The Mindless Artists

The unsatisfaction flows roughly through the mind as the unfinished works pile up. Thoughts that once were strung by determination are now scattered by other thoughts of failures that threaten to eat them alive. The notorious snakes sharp fangs sink deep into the mind dispersing thoughts into a pool of uncompleted sentences. Uncompleted paintings of what should have been an incredible work of art. But true artists don’t think before they write. When the thought comes, they write it and their feelings mix with words expressed through vocabulary that could not be used if they were thinking. Being an artist means you have to trust your subconscious. When ideas come, let your mindless ideas come to life and the outcome will be a masterpiece. True artists are simply the ones who learn how to shut off their mind. Maybe that’s why a lot of people with depression are creative. Their mind torchers them so they eventually learn how to turn it off and let the numbness take over as the subconscious creates something beautiful. The artist never sees beauty in their own work. But each work is a masterpiece. It marks a victory in the war within your mind that nobody else understands.


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