The TRIGGERED Thoughts of a Messed up Girl

I have to do FRICK-FRACKING psychological testing because I’m messed up and nobody knows what’s wrong. I never get angry at anybody. Maybe I just direct it at myself. Maybe this is all my fault. Or maybe its theirs for giving me such a f@#$*# up childhood with abuse and yelling and fighting and pain. This Psych testing is super triggering. The more I do it, the more depressed my answers get. Maybe I should just go with all the depressing answers instead. Something is wrong with me. This is all my fault. YES is hard for me to sleep. YES I feel alone even when here are people with me. YES I am afraid to speak up in a group. YES I am sad all the time. YES I do everything wrong. YES I hate myself. YES I want to kill myself. When will these questions stop? When will this change? Why am I like this? I cant breathe. I cant think straight. Why so many questions? Am I that messed up? Maybe the frick-fracking meds did this to me. Maybe I should stop taking my meds. NO I’m not okay.

One thought on “The TRIGGERED Thoughts of a Messed up Girl

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  1. You are not a broken person. Even if you have to take medication, you are still a person full of dignity and worthy of love. These trials might be difficult, but you are going to become a stronger and more beautiful person for having conquered them. You are on the road to recovery, just keep your head up 🙂 get feeling better


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