Grieving Hearts in a Graveyard

“She was too young to be in pain,” Stella whispered as Gabe held her in his arms. Stella croaked trying to say something else but she just broke down in tears.

“I’m right here for you, I love you,” Gabe whispered. They sat there quietly for a while with Stella in Gabe’s lap. He held her tightly as she sobbed in his arms. They were there for a while rocking back in forth on the hard ground while the sermon buzzed in their ears.

Stella spoke with a dry throat, “I didn’t do enough to help her.” Gabe held her even tighter. She spoke again, her voice cracking “Now she’s gone…” She burst into tears.

“Hey… Babe…… I’m here for you,” Gabe whispered. Tears started streaming down his face too.

“Maybe she is lucky,” Stella sobs. “She actually had the strength to do it. We both have scars but she has peace,” said Stella looking down at the marks on her arm.

“Babe, no……. that’s not the way out,” Gabe said releasing her to look into her eyes.

“I want to die,” Stella said. Gabe wrapped his arms around her rocking back and forth as they both started crying again.

“I want you to live. You can live with me. We could have a future together,” He said. The people around them started to leave. Someone handed him a rose. He released her and gave her the rose wrapping his hand around hers.

They walked slowly together up to the grave. The place where Stella’s best friend lay broken with slits on her arms. Together, they carefully placed the rose in front of the stone while the silence pierced their ears. They stood up, turned around, and slowly walked, sobbing in each other’s arms.




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