I’m Loosing My Memories

I lost everything. Memories floating around in my head just out of reach. I think of absolutely nothing staring at the wall for hours at a time. Blank stares come across my face randomly…no reason. No memories. My friendships faded away too.  As if they were never there…they never cared…it never mattered anyway. Nothing matters anymore. I have nothing left. Only darkness. The kind of darkness that surrounds your soul. It slowly suffocates you. I have lost myself too. I feel nothing! I cant breathe! There’s nothing there…no life left anyway. Its like I’m sleep walking. My legs carry me somewhere but nowhere. Everything is dark. I can see but I cant see. I can touch but I can’t feel. I need to know that you are still there. You are the only thing I have left to hold onto. Please just hold me…ill never let go.

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